Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker continued his sycophantic praise of President Donald Trump on Monday by claiming that no other president has had the “guts” to walk outside the White House fence, only to get schooled into embarrassment.

Trump walked to the St. John’s Episcopal Church after threatening to use the military against Americans protesting racial injustice, and it came after he had spent the night in a bunker at the White House. Apparently, the coward wanted a propaganda video and photo-op to portray himself as a tough guy.

Of course, it didn’t work unless you’re a Republican who kisses Trump’s ring like Walker.

Again, Trump spent the previous night in a bunker at the White House hiding from mass protests. Also, police and military brutally cleared the streets of protesters so that Trump could make the walk and were heavily present the whole time.

Even Twitter users pointed out the facts.

They even pointed out that Obama walked the streets outside the White House and didn’t need the military or militarized police to do it.

That’s pretty much all that needs to be said.

Featured Image: Wikimedia