On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing into the origins of the Russia investigation and Mueller probe in an attempt to divert attention away from the endless failures of the Trump administration, and the chairman of the committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — along with his GOP colleagues — got exposed and humiliated by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who also serves on the committee.

With protests still going on in major cities across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, Harris noted that looking back at the Russia investigation seems completely “irrelevant” considering what’s going on across the nation:

“I would dare say the conversation we are having today is irrelevant to what we are — what is happening on the streets of America today.”

Instead of having a hearing on the real problems, Harris continued, Senate Republicans are carrying on a dog and pony show:

“We are looking at people in pain. People by the thousands of every race, age, and geographic location shouting for justice in America. Yet, this committee, [doth] protest too much, as Shakespeare might say, on an issue that is not relevant to the people and the pain that America is feeling today. The women that we are feeling are deepened by a president of the United States who has fanned the flames of hurt and pain. Civil rights and matters involving law enforcement are this committee’s responsibility. This committee alone. Instead of engaging in partisan political gains on behalf of this president, what the American people need this committee to do is be relevant to why they are shouting and marching and crying in the streets of our country. they need us to address the real issue of police brutality and implicit bias.”

Harris also referenced the administration’s lawless Justice Department under Attorney General William Barr, which she accused of an “assault on this country’s constitutional rights of free expression and peaceful assembly.”

But it was what Sen. Harris said next that suggests the 2020 election is about much more than personalities:

“This committee meeting today sent a message to millions of Americans that have taken to the streets to protest this violence. But in this Judiciary Committee doesn’t care. This committee has a duty to confront these issues, Mr. Chairman, and an obligation to address the pain that people are feeling. The suffering they feel, by shying away from this responsibility, this committee will not only dishonor the body that we serve, it will dishonor the very memory of those we should be naming today. Mr. Chairman.”

Think about it: While a murdered father is being memorialized in Houston, Graham and his Republican colleagues are trying to slag Barack Obama and by extension Joe Biden. All for the purpose of benefiting Trump, who has proven that he longs to be a dictator.

Graham should be ashamed of himself. But it’s safe to bet he isn’t. Not even a little bit.

Featured Image Via CNN