According to Fox News host Tucker Carlson his guest, since Defense Secretary Mark Esper has said he doesn’t think the Insurrection Act needs to be invoked by President Donald Trump so that military troops can be placed in the streets to control protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, it might be time for Americans to use “vigilante justice.”

On his show Thursday evening, Carlson was joined by former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright, who lamented:

“This country is on fire. We are facing an insurrection by people that we don’t quite understand who they are, but by all indications, they are violent leftist thugs. And what Secretary Esper doesn’t quite seem to get either is that the nation is panicking. 71 percent of us want the National Guard in our cities tonight. 58 percent of us want the military in our cities tonight. Alright, the people are panicking. The country is on fire.

“What does that leave, Tucker? Let me tell you what it leaves. Vigilante justice.”

In response to that, Carlson commented:

“That’s exactly right.”

Wright then added:

“And if Secretary Esper doesn’t get it, doesn’t understand that the oath is to protect ourselves from threats both foreign and domestic, by God, get the hell out of the Pentagon and let somebody lead who gets it. Because that is the oath that he took, that I took, and the people of this country demanded of our leadership in this moment because we are on fire. Someone do something about it.”


“I couldn’t agree more.”

So this is what we’ve come to in the United States? We disagree with a decision not to use troops to do the job of the police and suddenly we’re supposed to arm ourselves and become vigilantes? That’s the recipe for anarchy and an orgy of violence that would signal a second civil war, with each side reciprocating with increased frenzy and even more heinous actions.

As usual, conservatives have no solution to the problems facing this country other than shedding blood and subjugating those they disagree with.

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