President Donald Trump bragged about the May jobs report on Friday, only to get buried on Twitter for taking credit for something that he had nothing to do with.

The coronavirus pandemic wiped out all the economic gains Trump has been bragging about since he took office in 2017. Over 40 million Americans are unemployed and the unemployment rate is at Great Depression levels.

But the most recent jobs report shows that 2.5 million Americans returned to work due to several states reopening earlier than health experts recommend.

And Trump seems to think that means he is responsible for adding 2.5 million jobs to the economy.

Frankly, the full effects of the pandemic have yet to be felt, especially since a second wave of the virus looms. But Twitter users reminded Trump that he is not the savior he thinks he is and that tens of millions are still jobless.

The sad truth is that our economy is still in deep trouble. Manipulating jobs reports and patting himself on the back does nothing to help. Millions of jobs likely won’t be coming back any time soon, but Trump won’t take responsibility for any of that. He only wants to take responsibility for good news, no matter how small, even when he deserves no credit at all.

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