Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) praised former Secretary of Defense James Mattis for criticizing President Donald Trump’s demand for use of military force against American citizens, and now Trump is attacking her for it.

Trump’s handling of the mass protests across the country has drawn criticism from many of his former officials, including Mattis. In response, Murkowski praised him, calling the criticism “necessary” and “overdue.”

Of course, she could have helped put an end to Trump’s presidency months ago by voting to convict and remove him from office instead of going along with Senate Republicans rigging the impeachment trial in his favor.

Instead, she voted to acquit him.

However, Trump forgot all about that and proceeded to lash out at Murkowski for supporting what Mattis said.

Trump did not give money to ANWR or for highways. That’s all Congress’ doing. Murkowski is also not up for re-election until 2022, and Trump is currently struggling in battleground states so he may not even be in office by then.

But Twitter had a field day with Trump sowing the seeds of civil war within the GOP.

Maybe now Murkowski has learned her lesson and will start voting against Trump’s policies and judicial nominees. That is, assuming she’s had enough of Trump to the point where she is able to finally grow a spine.

Featured Image: USDA