President Donald Trump posted an image of himself along with a message commemorating the anniversary of D-Day, only to be reminded by Americans that our military stormed the beaches of Normandy that day to fight the Nazis.

Trump has repeatedly tried to scapegoat anti-fascists as the blame for looting and violence at mass protests across the country against racial injustice and police brutality. But his attacks rang particular hollow on D-Day, especially when he posted a message to mark the June 6,1944 landing in which thousands of Americans lost their lives fighting fascism.

Americans were outraged. After all, D-Day was all about driving the fascists back to Nazi Germany to free Europe from tyranny. Also, Trump used an image of himself instead of the troops. Twitter users also noted that Trump never served in the military. Let’s also not forget that Trump once called neo-Nazis “very fine people.”

It’s disgraceful that living World War II veterans have to deal with the embarrassment of being “honored” by a coward who is attacking the very ideals they carried into battle that day to the end of the war. Hopefully, many of them will live long enough so they can be recognized by a real president once again.

Featured Image: Wikimedia