Fox News sparked mass outrage on Friday evening when it displayed a graphic suggesting that hurting or killing black people is good for the stock market.

Mass protests across the country have been ongoing in response to the killing of George Floyd. Of course, conservative media has sought to demonize the protests. And now it appears Trump’s propaganda channel is trying to justify Floyd’s death and the deaths of other black people by linking them to upticks in the stock market.


A graphic shows a handful of incidents ranging from the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 to the recent killing of Floyd alongside a corresponding stock market increase as if Fox News is urging viewers to kill black people for the sake of the economy.

Here are an image and video via Twitter:

This is a particularly dangerous time to be showing viewers such a graphic, and it should not have been made at all since it’s pretty damn disgusting and racist to suggest that killing black people is good for business.

Needless to say, Americans were furious.

Fox News is despicable. This kind of racism will end up getting people killed and the right-wing network will be responsible and should be held legally accountable.

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