President Donald Trump bragged about the low crime statistics so far this year, only for Twitter users to burst his bubble.

Trump has been on a Twitter spree all weekend, and it did not end on Monday as he proceeded once again to attack his critics and hold up the stock market as some kind of indicator that things are getting better on his watch. Of course, the economy is still in shambles with nearly 40 million unemployed despite the efforts of Trump’s loyalists to manipulate the latest jobs report.

But now Trump is apparently trying to take credit for the lower crime statistics in 2020 and use them to attack Democrats who want police reform.

The problem is that Trump had nothing to do with the lower crime rates because the nationwide lockdown initiated in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is the real reason why crime is down. Twitter users smacked Trump with this reality.

If Trump wants something to really brag about then he should bring an end to police brutality. Because that’s one crime that happens all too often with little or no consequences.

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