Erstwhile GOP presidential candidate and governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee says he’s absolutely “livid” that some Republicans are refusing to support President Donald Trump as he seeks a second term in office.

Following a report from The New York Times suggesting that former President George W. Bush, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), and former Secretary of State Colin Powell would not back Trump as he seeks reelection, Huckabee angrily responded to the Times story by telling Fox News:

“If that’s true and if you have people who were nominated, and in the case of President Bush actually elected to be president by Republicans, and they will no longer support the Republican nominee who went through the process and got elected, then I’m going to be not just unhappy, I’m going to be livid.”

Huckabee also attacked those he called “never-Trumpers” by remarking:

“This president is more pro-life than we’ve ever had, period. He’s more pro-Israel. He has deregulated so much government so that the businesses of America can thrive and they have until this COVID stuff happened.”

As if that wasn’t quite enough rump kissing of the current head of state, Huckabee then baselessly claimed that Trump had “done more for minorities than any president in my lifetime in actually helping people to have good, decent jobs and a future,” adding:

“This is not about electing a personality. This isn’t Hollywood. This is the rough, tumble world of politics. And maybe he’s not as genteel as some of us would like. But, by gosh, he’s getting the job done, and it’s time Republicans rally because if they don’t, they’re going to get Joe Biden, who isn’t pro-life, who is for higher taxes, open borders, he’s going to succumb to China. Everything that we find disgusting he’s going to embrace it, including the socialists out here. That’s why we have to realize this is a simple choice and we better make the right move.”

Actually, presidential elections are very much about electing a personality. People want to like and respect their president, and they like when he’s a good role model for the nation. Americans almost never elect people they hate or feel is unworthy of the office. Granted, some took a chance on Trump four years ago, when he was still an unknown quantity. But he’s very well-known now, and polls show that the majority of the electorate is disgusted by him.

What’s most laughable is that any political figure in the GOP would given any credence to advice from Mike Huckabee, who has never been able to get elected outside of his home state. Sounds like Mike is most upset that there’s a very good chance he and Trump are going to be embarrassed when the votes are counted in November.

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