According to Fox News host Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump and George Floyd have something in common: They were both the victims of “crooked cops.”

Even though he repeatedly insisted that he wasn’t trying to compare Trump’s situation to that of Floyd, who was buried in his hometown of Houston yesterday, Hannity proceeded to do exactly that, noting that he agreed with a speech given by NYPD union leader Mark O’Meara, who angrily complained that the public has to stop treating the police “like thugs.” Hannity remarked:

“You know what? They are right. They deserve better. The vast majority of officers serve with honor and distinction, and it is a dangerous job. Now because of the actions of Minneapolis, the actions of one officer, the inaction of three the officers, What, we are going to have character association of all cops, violence against cops, rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, a daily occurrence in the United States of America?”

And then the Fox host began making his false and deeply offensive analogy between Floyd and Trump:

“This has to stop. And yes, there are bad apples within some police departments. There are dirty cops. In fact, no program on cable news, on the radio, has been spending more time exposing the bad actors on the federal level: seventh floor, FBI, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, remember those names?”

But Hannity was just getting warmed up:

“Even the president himself, it’s not the same thing as what happened to George Floyd, but it’s horrific. He was a victim of corrupt cops. Now, again, not the same circumstances, I’m not making any comparison, a bad cop is a bad cop. And by all means, by the way, the damage was real to the country, the damage in Minneapolis is real to the country, and that the case what was done in the George Floyd case should never happen. We know how a few malignant individuals can destroy lives and wreak havoc and, without a doubt, there are important reforms that this country will make and can make and we can always get better and we’ll details those coming up tonight, including measures from the Trump administration.”

He’s not making any comparison, but then he does exactly that! Donald Trump and George Floyd shouldn’t even be included in the same breath. For one thing, Floyd is now deceased, while Trump continues to destroy the foundations of law and order that are guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution.

Not to make any comparison, but Sean Hannity and Alex Jones must be brothers considering that both of them are hacks who love to spin bogus conspiracy theories instead of telling people the truth.

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