President Donald Trump reminded everyone that his birthday is around the corner, only for Americans to promptly replace it with a day to honor his predecessor.

July 14th is Trump’s birthday, and most people wouldn’t normally give a damn except that he he has it pinned on his Twitter feed as part of a post thanking Trump-supporting boaters.

Needless to say, Americans were not impressed and proceeded to not only mock Trump, they declared July 14th a day to honor and celebrate former President Barack Obama instead:

Trump’s birthday was used to celebrate the late-Senator John McCain last year, so it’s likely he will be honored as well as Americans literally want to celebrate anything except the day Trump came into the world, only to go on to screw it up all these years later.

And frankly, our country needs to move Flag Day to a different day now because it is stained by Trump’s birthday in addition to all the times he has molested the flag on stage.

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