President Donald Trump pretended to care about confronting racism on Thursday, but then he attacked the majority of Americans for calling his base of supporters racists.

Reading from obviously prepared remarks that he obviously did not have any hand in writing himself during his trip to Dallas, Trump pathetically faked a unity message before sabotaging it completely by complaining that millions of what can be presumed are his supporters, are being rightfully called out for being racists.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Yeah, that did not go down well at all, especially considering Trump is backed by white supremacist groups such as the KKK and neo-Nazis and has frequently exhibited racist behavior.

Trump made these remarks all about himself and his support base and played the victim card as if the people who are fighting against racism are the real problem instead of the racists themselves. Clearly, he doesn’t care about people of color and refuses to acknowledge that racism runs rampant among his supporters. And that’s why he is never going to attract more black voters to his campaign.

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