Fox News host Tucker Carlson was in a panic Monday evening, doing his best to terrify his viewers by ominously announcing that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is “now more popular than the President of the United States.”

Referencing a Rasmussen poll which shows that 62 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Black Lives Matter while President Donald Trump’s approval stands at 43 percent, Carlson announced that BLM is now essentially a “political party” and as such can be seen as “the single most powerful political party in the United States.”

Mediaite notes that Carlson then dialed the fear and loathing meter to 11 as he told his audience:

“Imagine a world where you are punished for questioning the behavior of the president or for insulting your local mayor. You probably can’t imagine that, it’s too bizarre. It’s un-American. But that’s where we are right now. Black Lives Matter has changed the rules, and this is the first new rule: no criticizing Black Lives Matter.”

The power of Black Lives Matter, Carlson continued, means that it has “singlehandedly revised our moral framework.”

“Yes, black lives do matter. That is a statement of fact. No decent person doubts that is true because it is. And it’s true precisely because every life matters. We are all human beings, every one of us. We have souls. Skin color is irrelevant to moral value.”

What does Carlson suggest be done to make sure BLM is kept under control? Clearly, he declared, the Department of Justice needs to get involved and start prosecuting those who are members of the movement. But he cloaked this suggestion in a fake call for law and order, the same code words being used by Trump:

“Where is our Justice Department today? Right now? Is there a reason the DOJ hasn’t filed federal conspiracy charges against the people who organized and led these riots? It’s not as if we don’t know who they are, their crimes are on YouTube. You know the reason, Black Lives Matter was involved.”

Tucker Carlson and his ilk at Fox News are sick and tired of all these black and brown people demanding equal rights and that they not be gunned down or choked to death by the police! How dare African-Americans complain about how they’re being treated! In other words, it’s the same BS we’ve heard from the right for decades, only now the vast majority of the country sees it as BS and is ready for it to end.

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