A Fox News host was quickly shut down by a guest when she attempted to defend the two Atlanta police officers who shot Rayshard Brooks in the back. The two cops have since been charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Host Martha MacCallum was interviewing Wendy Osefo, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday, and she asked the professor:

“Then [Brooks] takes the Taser off of this police officer. As someone who has, as you say, a brother in the NYPD, how would you feel if your brother was in the middle of an arrest and was made vulnerable like that in that situation?”

Osefo replied:

“My brother has been in the middle of arrests, and my brother has never killed anyone. The facts are, black people are two times more likely to be killed by police officers. The facts are, this police officer, after he shot this Bback man in his back, he kicked him, and then he said, ‘I got him.’”

And then Osefo took MacCallum to school, adding:

“Now, my question to you is, you’re right, this individual may have escalated the situation. But we pay police officers to de-escalate situations. One person is paid, another person is not. If you cannot do your job, if you cannot de-escalate a situation, then you need to quit, because that is why we pay you, is to do your job.”

Shooting a man in the back is murder, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter that the person who did the shooting is a police officer. Wrong is wrong and the law should apply to everyone.

Being a cop isn’t an easy job, and the police deserve our respect. But when an officer breaks the law, he or she should face the same consequences as the rest of us. It’s just that simple.

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