After being mostly absent from Twitter most of the day, President Donald Trump blundered yet again by attacking former Vice President Joe Biden by projecting his own failures onto him, which resulted in a well-deserved mocking.

As we all know, Trump often accuses others of that which he is guilty. And despite it always backfiring against him, Trump did it again on Wednesday in an attack on Biden after having been largely silent on social media for a change.

Biden has spent decades in public service, rising to be a US Senator and Vice President. He has succeeded in moving many major pieces of legislation through Congress and is considered one of the better vice presidents our country has ever had. That’s not failure.

But by insisting that Biden “bungled everything,” he called attention to his own very real bungling. After all, GOP strategist Rick Wilson did not title his book “Everything Trump Touches Dies” for nothing.

Twitter users swiftly mocked Trump into oblivion and demonstrated how he was only projecting his own failures.

Trump really just should have stayed off Twitter.

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