A new interview of President Donald Trump by his son, Don Jr., is drawing both laughter and scorn, with some suggesting that it’s just the latest attempt by the Junior to curry favor with his father.

Daily Beast columnist Molly Jong-Fast notes that the entire premise of the interview — which is meant to somehow boost interest in his “Triggered” YouTube video, is “sad,” adding:

“Watching Donald Trump Jr. interview Donald Trump Sr. was crazy, and fucked up.”

The interview (which you can see in its horrific entirety below) begins with Don Jr. asking:

“Which is your favorite Trump child and why is it Ivanka?”

That’s the highlight of the video! The rest of it is just outright surreal BS, Jong-Fast writes:

“Things got weirder, and nastierJunior told his father that Osama Bin Laden had wanted to assassinate Barack Obama because ‘it would put Joe Biden in charge.’ Even Senior sounded dubious about this idea and you got the idea that the father considers the son to be kind of a lightweight.”

Also, if you can tolerate watching the entire interview, be sure and notice how the president seems ready to bolt from the room at times, with his son making a complete ass of himself. Again, Jong-Fast explains it perfectly:

“Junior seems like he vacillates between being scared of his dad and just hoping his dad will just touch his arm. Senior seemed bored, and disinterested in letting his son cut into his speaking time. That’s a form of family relations to be sure, but not a very pleasant one. I’m no fan of Junior but there is something heartbreaking about his interactions with his father. For all the craziness and propaganda, there was a pathos to the whole thing. Like Junior just wanted his dad to hug him, or to tell him everything was going to be OK. But as coronavirus rages, and the country continues to be torn apart by social unrest and injustice, we all know, even Senior knows, that none of this is going to be OK.”

Things are far from OK. People are dying by the thousands, over 40 million are unemployed, and it becomes clearer each day that Donald Trump couldn’t possibly care less what happens to the country as long as he gets what he wants.

As for Don Jr., he really needs to go into seclusion for a year or two and pray the authorities will forget he exists when the indictments start flying.

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