President Donald J. Trump has taken criticism throughout his presidency for not being the most intellectually curious or empathetic POTUS we have ever had. During a meeting with small business owners, Trump seemingly decided to prove those critics right — and then some.

The small business owners met with Trump to share their hardships with Trump. As the video below shows, Trump apparently didn’t care about their stories, and instead took to his phone and basically ignored the stories of their plight.

The entrepreneurs, both female, described how they have been forced to either hire additional personnel and absorb the expenses to handle additional duties because of the COVID 19 virus or simply furlough employees as expenses became too great to keep them on.

It isn’t clear if Trump is checking phone messages, text messages, Facebook, or his Twitter feed. The only thing that is blatantly obvious is his indifference to the women and their stories.

Check out the video below and see for yourself how Trump is disinterested in listening to the small business owners who came all the way to Washington DC to tell their stories and possibly seek the administration’s help:

This is perhaps one of Trump’s biggest insults. He claims to care about these business owners and their well-being. He claims to be the champion of business and the people who take the risks to start and grow a business. The above video shows he is anything but. Currently, Trump is polling between 35-39 percent, depending on the poll. This depraved indifference may take those numbers lower. Much lower.

After all the missteps Trump has made over the past several months, one would think that he would put his best face forward in a meeting like this. Yet, he doesn’t and is perhaps incapable of showing any real interest or empathy when it comes to the plight of Americans who are suffering — Just like his critics have claimed.