President Donald Trump appeared to threaten protesters with violence if they show up to his rally in Tulsa later this month.

As we all know, police have been attacking peaceful protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, flash bangs, and pepper spray. Some protesters have even been beaten. It’s a gross violation of constitutional and human rights. But Trump has no problem with the violence at all unless you count his cowardice. After all, he did hide in a bunker under the White House when protesters showed up outside.

Trump is hoping to stage a major rally in Tulsa, the same city where a white mob massacred black people and burned down their homes and businesses in 1921. Apparently, he’s looking for a repeat of the violence.

Trump believes that protesters have had it easy in blue states and is obsessed with using violence to put the mass demonstrations down. He has even threatened to use the military against American citizens.

In Oklahoma, he may find police willing to do his bidding.

This is the kind of threat Twitter should be flagging and removing along with Trump’s account.

Twitter users certainly understood Trump’s message.

Americans should show up in the millions to disrupt this rally and send Trump crying into another bunker. Threatening violence against the American people is not presidential. It’s unconstitutional and proves Trump is unfit for the office. If even one protester is harmed at this rally, he should be held criminally responsible.

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