Pennsylvania is considered one of the most important of the “battleground” states that will decide the 2020 presidential election, and based on what a recent focus group of voters conducted by Axios, it appears the Keystone State is definitely leaning toward Joe Biden with less than five months to go before ballots are cast.

Most of the voters who participated in the focus group said they don’t think the country is better off now than it was four years ago:

“Participants described feeling ‘annoyed,’ ‘irritated,” and ‘frustrated’ to see the president out and about and not wearing a mask amid the coronavirus.

“They called his approach to the pandemic ‘arrogant’ and ‘offensive’ in the face of deaths, and lamented his Bible photo-op at St. John’s Church in D.C. as ‘phony’ catering to the base that ‘was in poor taste.'”

In contrast, Biden was described by voters as a “role model” for always wearing a protective mask in public. Other words used to describe Biden by the panel included “informed,” “educated,” and “responsible.” They also noted that they believed Biden would return “respect” back to the presidency and the nation.

For the first time since Axios began its focus group election panel 16 months ago, more participants said they opposed Trump than supported him.

Comments made by members of the focus group also indicate that voters in Pennsylvania are sick and tired of Trump’s handling of the dual crises which confront the country: The coronavirus pandemic and racial justice in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Selena K. voted for Trump in 2016, but now says:

“I would like him to stop fanning the racial tensions that are happening right now. I would like to see him make a call for unity and actually follow through on that.”

Lori S. also cast her ballot for Trump four years ago, but says she’s ready for change:

“There are so many people who are unhappy right now with the general stance of what our country is looking like. People are just over it. They’re over his mouth, they’re over his everything about him and his whole bit, that they’re ready for any kind of change.”

Featured Image Via NBC News