President Donald Trump threatened violence against protesters in direct violation of Twitter rules, so the social media giant flagged the post, only for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to whine about it.

On Tuesday morning, Trump ranted about so-called “autonomous zones” that some protesters have created in the streets to prevent police officers from committing violence against them.

As protesters attempted to set up such a zone in Washington DC, Trump threatened “serious force” against them.

This drew Twitter’s attention, which resulted in the post being flagged for violence.

Of course, it’s about time Twitter began treating Trump’s tweets the same way they do everyone else’s. But McCarthy went full snowflake in response by accusing Twitter of censorship even though the tweet has not been removed and is still viewable.

Twitter users pointed out that Trump violated the rules and that Twitter can do what it wants as a private company.

Frankly, McCarthy and Trump should be grateful that Twitter hasn’t banned them yet. And that’s something that should have happened years ago.

Featured Image: Wikimedia