President Donald Trump crowed about a court ruling that upholds hospital pricing transparency, but he also claimed that it’s more important than healthcare itself. The ruling does nothing to fix the exorbitant cost of healthcare in this country.

Healthcare prices are through the roof and have only risen since Trump took office. But he touted a recent court ruling in favor of a law that requires hospitals to tell patients how much their care will cost before they receive it.

It’s certainly a win for transparency, but while that’s good progress, it does nothing to fix the high and rising costs of healthcare that have forced many Americans into bankruptcy.

This court ruling certainly is not bigger than healthcare itself. People need healthcare, but they should not have to go bankrupt to get it, nor should they be forced to deny themselves the care they need in order to protect their finances.

Our healthcare system is barbaric by some estimations, and so is Trump for pretending that this ruling does anything but inform Americans of how much debt they are about to take on in order to get the care they should be entitled to as a human being.

Twitter users threw the book at him.

Knowing the price of healthcare means nothing if you can’t afford it.

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