According to Rep. Matt Gatez (R-FL), removing statues that glorify the Confederacy is an attempt to erase the history of the United States and make us all “ashamed” of the country.

During a hearing the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday dealing with the prosecution and conviction of Roger Stone, a longtime friend and protege of President Donald Trump, Gaetz commented:

“Roger Stone should be pardoned. I believe Roger Stone will be pardoned. And then this proceeding will look even more ridiculous than it does today.”

Gaetz also accused Hillary Clinton of “colluding” with Russia, though he offered no evidence whatsoever to support his specious allegation.

Then the Florida congressman began his rant about the Confederacy, the death of George Floyd, and removing statues and monuments to those who betrayed the United States by fighting against it in the Civil War:

“As we sit here today, America’s cities are burning. Our monuments are being desecrated. Our history is being presumably erased by people who are ashamed of the United States of America.

“And we have the audacity to have a meeting about the rule of law, on a case that’s already over, on an impeachment that’s already failed, when there is real work for this committee to do. It’s a joke.”

Monuments and statues to traitors should be removed. Their disgusting deeds can be remembered in history books and museums, where they belong. And considering this country once condoned and promoted slavery, it seems wholly appropriate to be “ashamed” of something as horrific as the owning of other human beings like property.

Gaetz and his ilk want us to believe that there’s nobility in people who devoted their lives to the idea of white supremacy and were even willing to kill their fellow countrymen to defend that disgusting premise. It’s one of many reasons the Republican Party in the Age of Trump is on the verge of becoming extinct.

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