President Donald Trump’s propaganda minister Kayleigh McEnany took to Twitter on Wednesday to brag about Michael Flynn getting away with his crimes after a DC Circuit judge appointed by Trump ordered the case against him be dropped.

Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr engineered Flynn’s get out of jail free card earlier this year when Barr directed federal prosecutors to drop the case despite the fact that Flynn lied to the FBI and pleaded guilty to the crime in court.

The judge in the case smelled a rat and refused to let Flynn off the hook, only for Trump’s minion on the DC Circuit to rule against him.

As news of the ruling spread, McEnany bragged.

Again, Flynn lied and admitted it. He pleaded guilty. There’s no conspiracy here.

And Twitter users brutally reminded her of that fact and more.

Michael Flynn should be sitting in prison right now. Instead, he’s free to help Trump steal another election in an effort to sell out America to the Russians.

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