Vice President Mike Pence heaped praise on Texas Governor Greg Abbott for reopening the state even though doing so directly resulted in an explosion of coronavirus cases.

Abbott re-opened the state’s economy back in May far earlier than health experts recommended in an effort to please President Donald Trump, who has been demanding the economy re-open in a desperate effort to save his re-election.

But in doing so, Texas went from 2,000 cases a day and flattening the curve to a massive outbreak of cases that have resulted in 5,000 cases per day over the last several days. Hospitals are reaching their breaking point with the overload and Abbott has moved to close bars and restrict gatherings again. And closing bars likely won’t be enough as more people get sick.

In short, Texas may have to shut down their economy again.

But Pence praised Abbott for re-opening the state during a visit on Sunday.

“I also want to commend the governor for — for your decisive action,” Pence said. “Reopening this economy, which began in early May, is a tribute to your leadership and the steady progress in — in putting Texas back to work. It’s something every Texan can be proud of.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Pence went on to blow his own horn by bragging about the re-opening guidelines his coronavirus task force developed.

Let me add my voice to the Governor’s voice to say, when we — when we issued the Guidelines to Open Up America Again, we laid out a phased reopening plan. Texas took that plan and implemented it here in a safe and responsible way. But there was guidance throughout that applied to all of the phases. And chief among them was that people should continue to practice good hygiene — wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and wear a mask wherever it’s indicated or wherever you’re not able to practice the kind of social distancing that would prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and we would strongly reiterate that today.

Dr. Deborah Birx only continued spewing the Trump/Pence propaganda by praising the re-opening.

Again, coronavirus cases have exploded in Texas precisely because the state re-opened too early. Now hospitals are overwhelmed and businesses will very likely have to close down again. Pence will most likely once again find himself on the wrong side of the issue, scrambling to save himself from his own words.

And if Texans want someone to blame, they can blame Republicans and take their grievances to the ballot box in November. That is, if they are still alive by then.

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