President Donald Trump insisted on Monday that protesters have stopped ripping racist statues down because he imposed a 10-year prison sentence. The problem is that he has no such power.

Statues, especially Confederate statues have been coming down in recent weeks partly due to cities agreeing to remove them after pressure or protesters taking matters into their own hands.

Of course, this infuriates Trump, who has a Confederacy fetish and an obsession with becoming a dictator.

So, he “authorized” a law that was already in effect.

Now he’s declaring that statues have been saved because of him and the 10-year prison term he claimed to have imposed as punishment.

Last time I checked, Congress makes the laws and the judicial system decides the appropriate sentence for those who allegedly break them. Twitter users not only reminded him of that fact, but they also ripped Trump for ignoring the coronavirus and failing to do anything to punish murderer cops.

America needs a president who understands the Constitution again.

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