Fox isn’t exactly being forthcoming, but they have acknowledged that the pious looking and acting conservative Fox News anchor Ed Henry has been fired over sexual misconduct claims.

This isn’t Henry’s 1st time in this kind of hot water. In 2017, Henry did a 4-month “leave of absence” after allegations of an extramarital affair surfaced where he was allegedly sleeping with a “cocktail waitress.”

Fox is saying that the sexual misconduct allegations are from “years ago” but offering no other specifics. It does appear this sexual misconduct claim is work-related and unrelated to the other affair.

Other reports are saying that these charges are apparently coming from a former employee. In recent years, a flood of women at Fox have come forward making claims of sexual impropriety at Fox News. Gretchen Carlson filed suit in 2016. Six other women came forward in 2016 as well claiming Roger Ailes, Fox’s now-deceased chief, had sexually harassed them. Those women included Kellie Boyle, model Marsha Callahan and four other women who remained anonymous. Megyn Kelly joined the list of complaints later that year. Fox has also settled suits with other women claiming Ailes or former host Bill O’Reilly did things in the sexual realm that weren’t proper. At least one of those settlements, vs O’Reilly, was in the neighborhood of 15 million dollars.

It is unknown if Henry’s sexual misconduct involves the same women that have made headlines before or if this involves other female employees at Fox News.

Henry had been rehabilitating his career since the 2017 allegations and the leave of absence. It appears these charges will probably set that plan way back.

It has been said that Roger Ailes, when he was running Fox, used “sex appeal” to sell their brand of news to the masses. While that approach may have garnered Fox’s good ratings, it does appear that those chickens have come home to roost. A Forbes report gives us some insight into the culture that existed under Ailes rule:

“One woman, her senior boss was so horrific, I was going to kick his ass,” says the former contributor, noting that the boss wouldn’t respond to rebuffs and that it took numerous complaints over the course of eight years for him to get fired. “He wanted to sleep with her and asked her to go out or make out with him at social events…he wasn’t the only one.”

He also says there was a near-constant stream of inappropriate comments, “It was mind-boggling, and I would say on a daily basis, if there’s a camera up there, you guys are f**ked,” he says of Fox Business Network, recalling inappropriate behavior, such as men asking women if they were “on the red” if they were running slow.