President Donald Trump bizarrely wondered where Roger Ailes is after whining about Fox News hiring Donna Brazile as a Democratic pundit, putting his cognitive function in doubt even as he questions former Vice President Joe Biden’s own cognitive ability.

Trump is prone to outbursts against Fox News, though he has been turning on them a lot more lately because the network hasn’t entirely been singing his praises or doctoring their polls to stroke his ego.

But Trump lashed out at the network again on Tuesday in a tweet that suggests Trump is definitely not all there.

Brazile has stated that she regrets that she shared debate information with the Clinton campaign. CNN did fire her, but Fox News was within their rights to hire her on in an effort to present opposing opinions and analyses.

It should also be pointed out that Trump is a hypocrite because Sean Hannity has given Trump interview questions in advance while Fox News also tipped him off about debate questions.

In other news, Roger Ailes no longer runs Fox News because he’s dead.

Twitter users informed Trump where his buddy is and questioned his mental health.

Next time you hear Trump question Biden’s mental health, just remember he asked for the whereabouts of a dead guy.

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