President Donald Trump and his campaign doubled down on their pandering to racists and fascists by adopted a symbol that looks a whole lot like something straight out of Nazi Germany. And people definitely noticed.

Trump’s campaign website is now selling t-shirts featuring what looks disturbingly like a Nazi eagle symbol complete with the “America First” slogan used by white supremacists.

The Lincoln Project noticed.

Of course, it’s not like Trump hasn’t repeatedly demonstrated that he’s a wannabe Nazi through his policies that put kids in cages, discriminate against people of color, denigrate women, suppresses the vote and so many other things it’s nearly impossible to keep count on the scorecard.

But this symbol really drives it home that Trump is trying to normalize Nazism in America right up there with his use of a symbol Nazis used to identify anti-fascists. Social media certainly thinks Trump’s eagle symbol evokes the Nazis.

Conservatives have been defending Trump’s use of the symbol by comparing it to eagle symbols used by the armed forces, but the difference is that Trump’s eagle and the Nazi eagle are facing the same direction. And again, “America First” has racist origins.

Every Trump supporter who wears this shirt is telegraphing to everyone around them that they are a Nazi. And the sad part is that they don’t care and are quite proud of it.

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