As the 2020 Election draws closer, CNBC founder Tom Rogers is warning that President Donald Trump and the Republican Party may have a sinister plan to keep control of the White House even if former Vice President Joe Biden wins by a landslide.

Most polls currently show Biden beating Trump in many swing states. He is even ahead of Trump in Kansas and is tied with him in Texas. Nationally, he leads Trump by at least 14 points. Clearly, Americans are fed up with Trump and want him gone. But the fear that Trump could move to stay in power regardless of the outcome remains.

One way Trump could do this is to simply refuse to acknowledge the election results and try to get the military or his most hardcore supporters to keep him in power by force. But Rogers warned that there’s another scary way Trump could overthrow democracy without a shot being fired.

“This is how it happens, Biden wins,” Rogers began during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “I don’t just mean the popular vote, he wins the key swing states, he wins the electoral college. President Trump says there’s been Chinese interference in the election. He’s been talking about Biden’s soft on China — China wanted Biden to win so he says a national emergency; the Chinese have intervened in the election.”

“Why do I think that’s real?” Rogers continued. “Just ten days ago he tweeted, he actually tweeted, ‘rigged 2020 election,’ millions of mail-in ballots will be printed by foreign countries it will be the scandal of our times. so he’s laying the groundwork for this. So he does an investigation and [Attorney General Bill] Barr backs this up with all kinds of legal opinions about emergency powers that the president has.”

Indeed, Trump has been railing against mail-in voting for several weeks now in order to set up an excuse for his loss on Election Day. And that takes us to the next steps in Trump’s plan which involves the Supreme Court and House Republicans.

“Then what happens is it’s all geared towards December 14th,” Rogers explained. “Why December 14th? Well, that’s the deadline when the electors of the states have to be chosen. Why is that key? Because that’s what the Supreme Court used in Bush v. Gore to cut off the Florida counting. They keep this national emergency investigation going through December 14th. Biden, of course, challenges this in the courts and says, ‘hey, we won these states, I want the electors that favored me named. The Supreme Court doesn’t throw the election to the Republicans as it did in 2000, instead, it says, ‘look, there’s a deadline here.’ If they can’t be certified in these states because of this investigation going on, there’s a constitutional process for this.”

That process would throw the election to the House of Representatives, where Republicans apparently have an advantage despite being the minority party.

“What’s the constitutional process?” Rogers asked. “It goes to the House of Representatives. Everybody says, ‘that’s good. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats control the House. No. when a presidential election is thrown into the House of Representatives under the Constitution, it’s state-by-state vote. each state gets one vote based on the number of Republicans and Democrats in that delegation. Today Republicans control the House on that kind of vote it 26-23 with on delegation, Pennsylvania split. Even if Pennsylvania was to elect a Democratic delegation, come this new election because it’s the new Congress that votes here, it would be 26 to 24 Republicans and Trump retains the presidency.”

In short, Trump and Republicans have a plan to steal this election even if it’s clear that Biden won by a landslide.

“It is not so far-fetched — he is planning to do this,” Rogers concluded

Here’s the video via YouTube:

If Trump and Republicans follow through on this evil plan, there should be hell to pay. Trump is already an illegitimate president who won in 2016 due to foreign interference by the Russians. Stealing the election this time around in this way would make him even more illegitimate. The people would then have no other choice but to take action of their own to make sure the rightful president (Biden) takes office, even if it means dragging Trump out of the White House kicking and screaming.

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