President Donald Trump’s son Eric proved once and for all that he is the dumbest Trump kid when he attempted to remind everyone that Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell hung out with the Clintons, only to be reminded that his daddy spent even more time with her.

Maxwell was arrested this week in connection with Epstein’s child molestation, rape and human trafficking crimes. Epstein himself died after allegedly committing “suicide,” though Maxwell remained at-large.

Well, she’s in custody now and a whole lot of powerful men are probably peeing their pants.

Eric Trump thinks one of those people is former President Bill Clinton, so he posted a picture of Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. “Birds of a feather…” Eric wrote. But then he deleted the post after scores of Twitter users pointed out that Eric’s dad has been in lots of photos with both Epstein and Maxwell. Of course, there are always screen captures.

As for the responses that forced Eric to delete the post in humiliation:

Basically, Eric Trump helped remind everyone how much of a disgusting sicko his dad is and that the Justice Department will have a lot of investigating and prosecuting to do when Trump is finally ousted from office.

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