President Donald Trump treated July 4th like a reality show in order to pander to his rabid base and promote his fake love for America, only to be burned to the ground because he’s doing this while Americans are dying.

Over 130,000 Americans are dead because of the coronavirus pandemic and Trump is still refusing to condemn Russia for offering bounties to the Taliban to kill our troops, yet he’s been treating July 4th like his own personal celebration of himself complete with an inappropriate use of our military that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars that could be better spent helping the people.

Just hours before fireworks were slated to begin on Saturday, Trump advertised military flyovers across the country as if it’s a reality show he produced.

That did not go over very well as Americans fired back by pointing out that Trump is ignoring the dead and dying so he can party.

July 4th is supposed to be about our nation and unity, but Trump has made it all about himself, therefore turning this once joyous holiday into one of national shame.

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