Supporters of President Donald Trump attacked his daughter, Ivanka Trump, online when she posted a photo of herself wearing a protective mask and urging others to do the same, according to The Daily Mail:

“(Ivanka) posted a photo on Instagram showing herself wearing a light blue face mask as she posed outside with Republican Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy and Republican Rep. Bruce Westerman from Arkansas.

“But while Ivanka’s caption encouraged others to follow suit and wear their own masks in public, her father’s supporters are not convinced — and are chastising the first daughter, telling her to remove the mask.”

That one posting set off a firestorm of hateful chiding on Twitter by hardcore Trump acolytes, some of who are fond of claiming that coronavirus is just a hoax created to harm the president as he seeks reelection:

Others lit into Ivanka with rage. Here’s some of what they had to say:

“Please do not wear a mask that’s not what we were created to do. take the mask off.

“I love POTUS but this mask bs needs to stop.

“Why are you reppin the mask? Take that off…….”

“Mask are bs if you where a mask why social distance all bs political bs.

“The administration needs to concentrate more on health, vitamins, and exercise to help fight Covid-19.

“You do not need to wear a mask to plant a tree. Fresh air is much healthier for you than breathing in what is in that mask. Plant a tree while breathing fresh air enjoy mother nature. I am a supporter of you and your family but the mask issue has got to end.”

You wouldn’t think doing something to help stop the spread of a deadly virus and showing consideration for others would be controversial, but in the Age of Trump, even caring for your neighbor is suddenly a bad thing. It’s yet another reason we need to kick Donald Trump to the curb come November.

Featured Image Via NBC News