Fox News host Jeanine Pirro drew the wrath of her own viewers this week by posting a picture of herself responsibly wearing a mask in public despite attacking the health practice on her show.

Over 130,000 Americans are dead because of the coronavirus, yet conservatives still bash wearing masks because they believe the pandemic is a “hoax” to bring down President Donald Trump.

Pirro herself even decried the wearing of masks to protect the public health, but has since reversed course, presumably because she realizes wearing a mask is absolutely necessary and doesn’t want to die.

And so, she posted a photo of herself doing the right thing.

Of course, Fox News fans lashed out.

Clearly, Trump’s hardcore supporters are so anti-mask that they are attacking one of their own for wearing one to protect herself. That also makes them stupid because if even Fox News hosts are continuing to stay home and are wearing masks, that should drive home the message that this virus is worse than how Trump has been portraying it and should be taken seriously.

Featured Image via screen shot