Proving yet again that his reelection campaign will be one of racial animus and an attempt to drive a wedge between those who support equal rights for all Americans and those who want the country to maintain the status quo, President Donald Trump attacked NASCAR for removing the Confederate flag from its events and even demanded that African-American driver Bubba Wallace apologize for what Trump called a “hoax” involving a noose found in his garage in Talladega, Alabama, last month.

Monday morning, Trump posted this tweet:

It should be noted that Wallace did indeed find a rope which appeared to be in the shape of noose, though it was later determined that the rope was a garage door pull. But as photos showed, the item did indeed appear to be a noose:

NASCAR president Steve Phelps also released a statement after a full investigation in which he noted that his team had conducted a “thorough sweep of all 29 tracks where they race, and 1684 garage stalls, they found only 11 total ropes that had a pulldown rope tied in a knot, and just one noose: The one in Bubba Wallace’s garage.”

Trump’s hateful posting led others on Twitter to slam the president and what he was implying:

Just when you think Trump cannot possibly be more disgusting and blatantly racist, he lowers the bar and limbos right under it.

Featured Image Via NBC News