President Donald Trump has had months to publicly condemn Russia for paying bounties for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan, but he still has not done so. And that’s an absolute betrayal of the United States by the president as far as former United Nations ambassador Susan Rice is concerned.

Trump has allegedly known about the Russian bounties since at least March, although he denies he was ever briefed by intelligence officials. Of course, his intelligence lackeys say Trump was not briefed. But Rice is not buying it because the Russians have been offering these bounties for at least more than a year now and she does not believe former National Security Adviser John Bolton would have stayed quiet about it.

“I don’t buy this story that [Trump] was never briefed,” Rice said on Meet The Press on Sunday. “I believe that over a year ago … my successor John Bolton would have walked straight into the Oval Office, as I would have, and informed the president of this intelligence.”

Indeed, Bolton is a noted foreign policy hawk. Surely he would not have ignored such an attack on our troops by Vladimir Putin.

But Trump clearly has, and that sickens and angers Rice to her core.

“None of this adds up,” Rice said. “We have a president who is doing our arch adversary’s bidding, it would seem. And he is surrounded by sycophants and weaklings who aren’t doing their jobs.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The only conceivable explanation for why Trump refuses to condemn Russia for these bounties is because Trump is beholden to Putin. He has already withdrawn troops for Germany and weakened NATO for Putin among many other appeasements that no other president would have dared to do without their patriotism being called into question. But Republicans, who traditionally would have expressed absolute outrage had any other president done this, are now in Trump’s pocket. That means they are in Putin’s pocket by proxy. And that’s why Americans need to clean house in November to oust these traitors and send Putin a message.

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