President Donald Trump says he’s absolutely had it with Fox News, and he’s urging his supporters to dump the network and get their news from even more extreme sources.

On Sunday, the president was clearly watching Fox and saw a report about his falling poll numbers, according to Mediaite, with Wall Street Journal editor John Bussey, who told host Eric Shawn:

“In the numbers that you just cited, Eric, there are some surprises. It wasn’t long ago that the president was leading in Florida and was close in some of these other states, but again, it’s the gap between Biden leading and the president falling behind is a reflection of the polls basically also showing a disapproval of kind of the way the coronavirus has been handled. Now, the Electoral College could go a very different way, but it is hard for you to come up with a numbers the the president needs to win at the moment.”

In response, Trump fired off two angry tweets:

Be sure and note that the president didn’t bother to mention what “REAL polls” have him leading Biden, probably because none of them do. It’s just classic misdirection and fabrication, which has become a hallmark of the current administration no matter the topic.

Twitter users had a field day mocking Trump:

Election Day cannot possibly get here soon enough.

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