Across the country, something seems to have shifted in the 2020 election, with longtime Republican and independent voters saying they’ll gladly vote against President Donald Trump and are comfortable with casting a ballot for Joe Biden instead.

The New York Times spoke with several of these voters, and they were clear about one thing: There’s no way they will vote for Trump:

“They are among an emerging group of voters who disliked both major-party presidential nominees in 2016, but who are now so disillusioned with President Trump — and sufficiently comfortable with Mr. Biden — that they are increasingly willing to support the Democrat.”

Lorena Burns of Arizona revealed that she recently gave money to help Biden and Democrats:

“She said she agreed with many of Mr. Trump’s policies, but was turned off by his behavior. ‘Just the lying, just the craziness, the bullying — I’d rather pay more money than be with him for another four years,’ she said. ‘I’m willing to pay more money in taxes just to be away from him. He’s corrupting the country.'”

Peter J. Spaulding lives in New Hampshire and even served as a Republican official in his state. But he’s also ready to support Biden:

“Mr. Spaulding has never voted for a Democrat for president, he said in an interview, but would ‘probably’ support Mr. Biden this time. He called the former vice president ‘a middle of the roader-type Democrat’ who ‘will do the things that need to be done to get our country back together again.

“Asked if he had any reservations about voting for a Democrat, Mr. Spaulding replied, ‘not when the stakes are as high as they are this year.'”

Considering that the 2016 election was one of the closest in history, the defections of Republicans and independents who supported Trump four years ago could prove to be the margin of victory for Biden come November.

Featured Image Via NBC News