Thanks to a new book from President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary, there is now an allegation that as a young high school student, Trump reportedly paid someone to take the SAT test for him so he could gain entry to the University of Pennsylvania:

“As a high school student in Queens… Donald Trump paid someone to take a precollegiate test, the SAT, on his behalf,” Mary Trump wrote according to the New York Times.

If proven, that could result in the president losing his diploma from the Wharton School at Penn, because the university instituted a new rule in 2019 after a college admissions scandal shook the country, ensnaring actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. That rule, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian, is clear:

“Penn’s new policy details the investigation process after potential misconduct is discovered. An investigation can be launched if information is found that confirms or suggests wrongdoing in the process of obtaining the degree. Graduates will have the option to come to an agreement to possibly voluntarily give up the degree, or a formal investigation and hearing will be launched.

“After the launch of the investigation, the graduate in question will be notified in writing of the investigation and the information used to make the decision. The information from the investigation will be summarized and given to the dean of the school that conferred the degree, who will make the final decision on whether to move forward into a hearing.”

At this point, it’s unclear if the Wharton School will initiate an investigation of the claims made in Mary Trump’s book. However, they could be forced to if someone were to file suit demanding a full investigation and imposition of penalties in accordance with the university’s policy. If the allegation were proven, Trump would then have to either surrender his diploma or have it revoked by the school.

2020 just keeps getting worse for Donald Trump.

Featured Image Via NBC News