President Donald Trump suffered a massive loss in the Supreme Court on Thursday when seven of the nine Justices ruled that he must turn over his taxes to New York investigators. And, predictably, he’s throwing a tantrum about it on Twitter.

It had been feared that the conservative majority would help Trump hide his taxes. But both of Trump’s appointees to the high court, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, joined the majority opinion.

In the ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts made it clear that presidents are not above the law.

However, the Court did block Congress from getting Trump’s taxes for the time being, which is ridiculous because Congress has the legal authority to request Trump’s taxes by law.

Nevertheless, Trump still lost his sh*t over the ruling.

He then proceeded to whine about how federal officials and law enforcement haven’t taken his false accusations against former President Obama seriously and claimed that the Supreme Court would have never made this ruling against another president.

No, Donald. This is the “law and order” you have repeatedly claimed to support. You just don’t like it because you’re the one who has to obey it this time.

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