President Donald Trump openly threatened to strip funding from schools and universities he considers to be “Radical Left”.

Earlier this week, Trump demanded that schools across the country reopen in the Fall or else face funding cuts despite the fact that a deadly pandemic continues to rage.

Over 132,000 Americans have died of the coronavirus so far, yet Trump wants to put children at serious risk of getting sick and dying by packing them into classrooms for the sake of the economy..

Now he’s decided to go even further on the education front by targeting public schools and universities that he thinks are “Radical Left” institutions, accusing them of indoctrinating students. He also announced that the Treasury Department will be tasked to investigate and dole out punishment.

Of course, conservatives consider any educational institution that teaches facts to be a “liberal” threat.

Will Trump strip funding from schools for teaching about climate change? What about schools that teach about women’s rights? Schools that teach about the Civil Rights Movement?

Obviously, Trump will target schools that are inclusive, such as those that support LGBT rights.

Meanwhile, evangelical churches and private Christian schools can indoctrinate students with a vicious right-wing ideology and still keep their tax-exempt status.

This is the war on education that conservatives like Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have been wanting for decades. This is a war on facts and truth. Trump and his supporters want schools to teach falsehoods. They want them to teach a misleading version of history that exalts conservatism and Trump while demonizing Democrats and the liberal progress that our country has made over the last 100 years. This is revisionism on a grand stage and it must be stopped.

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