President Donald Trump abused his power on Friday evening to commute the sentence of his friend Roger Stone, a move that will keep Stone out of prison even though a jury found him guilty.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged Stone with obstructing FBI and congressional investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 Election. The evidence against Stone sunk him in court, but Trump has repeatedly accused the judge and jury of being biased.

And after Stone seemed to suggest that he might talk if Trump does not commute his sentence, Trump did exactly that while claiming that Stone had already suffered enough.

Again, Stone was found guilty in a court of law by a jury in a fair trial. He should be rotting in prison, but Stone knew how to force Trump’s hand.

And the commutation enraged Americans and drew a rebuke from legal experts.

This is a miscarriage of justice, and every single attorney and employee at the Justice Department should resign in protest. It should be open mutiny at the department for what Trump has done. And when a new administration takes office, every Trump pardon and commutation should be reversed and justice pursued until he and all of his criminal buddies are locked up for the rest of their lives.

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