President Donald Trump has had quite enough of the the media letting the public know how much golf he plays, so he decided he’d whine about it on Twitter and claim that he gets “a lot of work done” while he’s on the links.

First thing Sunday morning, these two tweets showed up on the president’s Twitter feed:

Yeah, whatever, Donnie. But here’s the cold hard facts:

  • 137.000 Americans are dead from COVID-19
  • Cases of the virus are now spiking in at least 36 states, and yet the White House wants to send children back to school in August
  • 40 million Americans remain unemployed
  • As soon as the end of July, 28 million Americans may be evicted from their homes because they can’t pay their rent

Does it sound like the current president is getting his job done?

Reaction to Trump’s tweets was immediate:

Featured Image Via Twitter