President Donald Trump is freaking out about the 2020 polls showing former Vice President Joe Biden with a strong lead, and his tweet whining about them drew instant mockery.

Polls don’t really mean much. They show a snapshot of how a sample of participants think or feel about a person or topic at any given time. When it comes to elections, the only thing that matters is how many people vote on Election Day to make sure their candidate wins.

So far, Biden is beating Trump in the polls by double-digits, but he still needs those polls to translate into voters flocking to the voting booth this November.

Of course, the polls do indicate that Biden has a lot of support, and that infuriates Trump so much that he lashed out on Saturday evening to declare the polls “fake” just like everything else that isn’t going his way.

Trump’s little “I’ll-equipped” flub and accompanying temper tantrum over polls, which include Fox News polls and his own campaign’s internal polls showing him losing to Biden, drew laughter and mockery from Twitter users.

Again, the poll that matters most is the final tally on Election Day. Americans need to vote. And then we can finally end this embarrassing disaster and put a real president in the White House.

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