According to Republican Sen. Thom Tillis (NC), any American who is considering not voting for President Donald Trump in November should pause for a moment and remember how great things were in the United States before coronavirus arrived in February.

HuffPost notes that Tillis urged voters to think back to how life was before COVID-19 devastated the nation and vote on the past, not the present or future:

“The stakes are very high this election, but you know why I know we’re going to win? Because people remember how good their lives were back in February.”

“Can you imagine if we had had a Democrat president and a Democrat majority in the Senate and the House, what our economy would’ve looked like at the worst possible time? At least we had that economy to buttress us while we fight and ultimately win the COVID war.”

Ah yes, can you imagine how horrible it would be if Trump wasn’t president? We might have over 135,000 Americans dead, a lack of timely testing for coronavirus, 40 million unemployed, and another 28 on the verge of being homeless. But wait a second. Those are the numbers with Trump at the helm and Republicans in control of the Senate.

North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin responded to Tillis by noting:

“This administration has bungled the coronavirus response and Sen. Tillis has enabled them every step of the way. Now, Sen. Tillis is just trying to wish it away. Sen. Tillis is desperate because he’s a weak, self-serving politician, and his shameless belief that we can just wish away coronavirus only serves to reveal that he’s thinking of his own reelection, not North Carolinians’ well-being.”

Ironically, Tillis won his Senate seat in 2014 when another public health crisis was in the headlines: The Ebola virus was sweeping across the globe and Tillis was critical of President Barack Obama and then-Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan:

“This president has failed the American people. Sen. Hagan has been with him, with her rubber stamp, every step of the way. Our safety and security is more threatened now than it has ever been.”

Tillis won by a mere 2 points against Hagan, and faces stiff competition this time from Democrat Cal Cunningham, a military veteran and former state senator.

Featured Image Via NBC News