An RNC official took the effort to smear former Vice President Joe Biden to a whole sickening level on Monday afternoon, but it backfired.

Rapid Response Director Steve Guest cherry-picked a photograph of Biden holding his young son at a Washington Redskins football game back when he was a younger United States Senator.

The Washington team recently announced plans to change their name in response to massive demand in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests against racism in general.

But just because Biden attended this particular game many years ago, it doesn’t exactly prove he’s a racist. But Guest certainly tried to portray it that way. Guest and the RNC showed just how tone-deaf they are to many things happening in the world today.

However, it was not long before he humiliatingly deleted the tweet because it backfired. Luckily, there are screenshots.

The reason why this tweet backfired is because it’s an endearing photo of Biden being a loving parent to his son, something that sets him apart from President Donald Trump. This photo also just happens to be a reminder that Biden lost his wife and daughter to a car accident.

Here are just some of the many responses by Twitter users that forced Guest to retreat.

If anything, this photo humanized Biden in a way that Trump will never be able to achieve. The RNC owes Biden an apology and should be ashamed.

Featured Image: Screenshot