Fresh off of embarrassing himself in a feeble effort to smear former Vice President Joe Biden, RNC rapid response director Steve Guest targeted Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) this time, only to suffer further humiliation.

Guest insinuated that Biden is a racist because of a photograph of him holding his young son at a Washington Redskins game around the time his first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident.

The attempt drew swift mockery and only highlighted the fact that Biden is a good dad who cares about his children, unlike President Donald Trump.

Guest would go on to delete the tweet, but he returned on Thursday to attack Warren.

During a discussion with Democratic campaign strategists, Warren jokingly said that her dog Bailey plans to vote Democratic in November.

Well, Guest pathetically tried to spin this joke into a sinister voter fraud plot.

And once again, Twitter users mocked him and pointed out that Republicans are the ones committing real voter fraud.

Seriously, the RNC needs to get a new rapid response director because Steve Guest is worthless.

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