Unidentified federal agents are kidnapping and detaining protesters in Portland, Oregon while failing to disclose what agency they are with. It’s a frightening situation that has former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt calling on Governor Kate Brown to arrest President Donald Trump’s secret police.

Law enforcement officers, regardless of whether they are federal, state or local, are supposed to be identifiable. They are supposed to have visible badges and must show or announce what department or agency they work for. In addition, police must read people their rights and cannot just kidnap people off the street and illegally detain them.

But secret police are roaming the streets of Portland doing exactly that and no one knows who they work for. But it’s pretty clear they are secret police who work for Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr because they do not appear to be state or local law enforcement.

The United States should not have secret police. That’s what authoritarian nations do. But Trump and Barr have unleashed their own secret police to terrorize the citizens of an American city, presumably as a test to see if such a practice can be expanded across the country.

This cannot be allowed to happen, which is why Schmidt is calling upon Governor Brown to bring in the National Guard to arrest them.

What is happening in Portland is an absolute travesty that undermines the Constitution and democracy. Trump and Barr are copying Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia by forming their own secret police. Governors should be fighting back with every tool at their command, even if it means calling up the National Guard to sweep them out of the state by any means necessary.

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