President Donald Trump inadvertently admitted on Twitter that the tax returns his niece Mary released to the New York Times were his legitimate tax documents in an unhinged rant on Friday evening.

Mary Trump wrote a book revealing that she handed over the tax returns that were part of a legal case to ascertain her part of Fred Trump Sr’s estate. The documents were then published by the New York Times, and they revealed that Trump had not paid federal income taxes for years because he had written off, perhaps, the largest business loss in American history.

Frankly, his incompetent business decisions should not have exempted him from paying taxes and demonstrates that there must a whole lot more shady information that has yet to be revealed.

Of course, Trump and his siblings attempted to block the book from being published. Donald himself has insisted that the book is just a bunch of lies. But he blew that out of the water by whining about Mary handing over his tax returns, thus accidentally confirming that the returns were, indeed, his.

None of the information Bolton included in his book was labeled classified until Trump found out he was writing it. Trump is just desperate to hide his misconduct in office.

Also, making a government official sign an NDA is worthless because the public has the right to know what that public official knows. Even legal experts agree that the NDAs are not enforceable.

As for Mary Trump, she’s an educated woman who happens to be a clinical psychologist. She grew up around Donald, so she is perfectly qualified to write a book about him and she seems to know quite a bit about him and his mental health.

If her book is “untruthful,” why is Trump so paranoid about it that he sought to block it in court? It’s like his taxes. If he really has nothing to hide, why continue to hide them?

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