President Donald Trump made a complete a** himself on Monday by calling himself America’s “favorite” president and saying there’s no one more “patriotic” than him.

Trump had stayed off Twitter for most of the day until he decided to promote himself finally wearing a mask even though he has repeatedly failed to show leadership by issuing a national mask mandate. In fact, Trump has not taken this pandemic seriously at all, although he wants to portray himself as a hero despite more than 140,000 Americans being dead.

But the most galling part of Trump’s narcissistic post is that he dared to claim that he’s more “patriotic” than anyone else, which presumably includes the troops who fight for our country every day, something Trump refused to do when he dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War.

Twitter users threw the book at him.

Trump has never been a patriot. He only cares about himself and how he can profit from our country by abusing using the office of the presidency. He hasn’t even dared to condemn Russia for paying bounties for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump is a traitor and he should be treated like one.

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