In case people are wondering, is there still racism in Virginia? The answer is definitely yes.

Racism in Virginia reared its ugly head at a Verizon store where a “man” was captured on video yelling “the N-word” and making other threats as he pounded on the door to the store.

The video of the incident, which was posted by Virginia resident Percell Wright on Facebook, starts showing him spitting on the window of the store and yelling unintelligible nonsense. He also spits on the store window.

He then paces around for a bit. He then runs back up to the window and tells Percell that he was a “fcking ngger.”

Before the video, the man was in the store throwing around the merchandise until he was threatened with them calling the police, according to Wright. Wright says that the man promised that he had “something else” for them before exiting the store and beginning his racist tirade outside.

It is unknown if the man was referring to a gun or a bomb or what. Fortunately, the police did arrive quickly and after questioning the man, arrested him for disorderly conduct.

It does appear that the quick action by Verizon employees who locked him out of the store and called the authorities saved any further destruction in the store and possibly lives.  Though it is not known if the man had a gun in his vehicle, it is a pretty safe bet he didn’t have cookies and juice boxes for them.

It is truly sad and unfortunate that such racism in Virginia, or anywhere in America is still so boldly and apparently proudly displayed. While a majority of Americans support the causes, or at least have empathy for people of color, there is still a very vocal minority still clinging to racist beliefs. They seem totally unashamed to show it.

One has to wonder that even if the current occupant of the White House is gone, will the damage that he has contributed to, according to many, go away as well. Will racism “go back in the closet?”

Probably not, and we will more likely spend a lot of time and effort fighting racism and educating the ignorant who still cling to it.

So yes Virginia, there still is racism in Virginia.

Check out the video from Mr. Wright below:


Featured image via screen capture from the Facebook video.